Super Smash Bros - Trailer Analysis

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  • Jelke Hoekstra
    Jelke Hoekstra Biraz önce

    I agree im 100% aure this is real

  • an anonymous person
    an anonymous person 12 dakika önce

    I’m excited to see tony’s moves you know i’ve been waiting for him to be in smash for sooo long btw I think the number at the end is how many days we will have to wait until minecraft 2 is released

  • 21 Pirates
    21 Pirates 1 saat önce

    Finally they have a character Fromm cereal love that franchise

  • Divine Wine
    Divine Wine 1 saat önce

    LOL, I shit you not, you're one of the funniest YouTubers I've ever watched, if not THE funniest. I love all of your videos, but this one stood out a lot. I fucking love you, bro, keep it up!

  • MC.Kenna.XC
    MC.Kenna.XC 5 saat önce

    Reminder: this has more views than the actual trailer

  • Educated turkey
    Educated turkey 5 saat önce

    I just noticed in the thumbnail the smash logo is the sun from his "dream smash 4 roster" video

  • Bruno Hawkins
    Bruno Hawkins 6 saat önce

    Seems legit

  • Gaydin Hester
    Gaydin Hester 6 saat önce

    How could someone dislike this??

  • Core of Life
    Core of Life 7 saat önce

    Its regie that got me😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brice Lowe
    Brice Lowe 8 saat önce

    "Sams and Wingding"

  • RedShamrock
    RedShamrock 8 saat önce

    Jimmy Neutrons final smash is sodium chloride

  • My Channel
    My Channel 8 saat önce

    Eric Cartman for Smash 5

  • Phantom_IceWolf Gaming
    Phantom_IceWolf Gaming 9 saat önce

    im dying thats so funny

  • Aaron Mathews
    Aaron Mathews 9 saat önce

    Yo the new tamagotchi looks lit.

  • Lisa Castillo
    Lisa Castillo 10 saat önce

    That's Mario not that tiger

  • The Fantastic Paul
    The Fantastic Paul 10 saat önce

    I'd nut if Gamera was in the the game.

  • TheCheezWizz
    TheCheezWizz 11 saat önce

    also you missed frog to the left of boss baby

  • tugatom
    tugatom 11 saat önce

    i laughed so hard... KEEP IT UP DUNKEY :)

  • Mmmm_Crunchy
    Mmmm_Crunchy 11 saat önce

    If you look at the far right you can see Sam Puckett from iCarly

  • TheCheezWizz
    TheCheezWizz 11 saat önce

    I know you're using it as a joke but nobody serious is saying it's not a port because of "the line", they'd be saying it because they're not using the existing title, and instead a plain logo with the usual font they've been using since brawl (and melee too, but they didn't bend the melee text so it doesn't even count) and a smash symbol that isn't slanted. USUALLY, that means they don't have a logo yet. Why would they need a new logo for a port?

  • Renan David Soria Ahumada

    BErT AND ERNIEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • Maximillian Wolfe
    Maximillian Wolfe 13 saat önce

    Who else maiming Jimmy Neutron?

  • carlos perea
    carlos perea 13 saat önce

    Dunkey I'm expecting a smash 5 dream roster I betta see batman on a boat with human legs coming out of the closet and says I'm looking for my parents bro

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones 15 saat önce

    I hope they add the paddle from pong in this one

  • Jacopo Barberis
    Jacopo Barberis 15 saat önce

    The thumbnail is fishing for a fight bruh

  • Shawn Elston
    Shawn Elston 15 saat önce

    the sans and papyrus silhouettes kinda look like light and ryuk

  • Pink Droid
    Pink Droid 16 saat önce


  • G Dudes Club
    G Dudes Club 16 saat önce

    So real

  • XYWgames 07
    XYWgames 07 18 saat önce

    The number at the end is the price
    The game is going to cost $2018 because they have to pay all the characters or they will quit

  • shalev ohayon
    shalev ohayon 23 saat önce

    Where is banjo?

  • KriegReptileMaster
    KriegReptileMaster 23 saat önce

    This is the funniest Dunkey video I've seen in a while. Fucking dying laughing.

  • Maxton Huff
    Maxton Huff 1 gün önce

    I wasn’t impressed until boss baby

  • ThetrueMarksmen
    ThetrueMarksmen 1 gün önce

    6.9k people thought this was a real analysis

  • ISeeU
    ISeeU 1 gün önce


  • TheGoldenMop
    TheGoldenMop 1 gün önce

    Dunkey come on man who the heck is Samus? I think you called him by his wrong name his real name is Metroid

  • nicc revell
    nicc revell 1 gün önce

    Who else is maining troupple king?

  • Corey Smith
    Corey Smith 1 gün önce

    My consultant Sky Williams (whom I beat in Smash)

  • Toasted Anime
    Toasted Anime 1 gün önce

    I'm fishing for a fight.

  • Swoul Machi
    Swoul Machi 1 gün önce


  • Zulf
    Zulf 1 gün önce

    And now I can only see these characters... Damnit I can only see Bert and Ernie