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  • In Todays 24 hour Box Fort video papa Jake build the worlds biggest Box Fort prison and try to escape it by digging a secret underground tunnel! In this video we build a box fort prison and do an epic prison escape room! I had to survive in it for 24 hours in the box fort prison but decided a prison escape would be better! This funny box fort challenge vlog was hard! We had to build the worlds biggest box fort prison and survive the 24 hour challenge. we made this box fort build awesome with a working jail cell for the prison along with box fort bars and even a bed and toilet. the prison was located in a secret arctic base and I had to use all my skills and spy gadgets to get out! Be sure to like for more family friendly content with no swears 😁✌🏻 ❇️ My Other Funny Vlogs ❇️ 24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM!! 📦🚔 Secret ROOM FOUND & Calling Carter Sharer https://youtu.be/POm_czUfC3s 24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM!! 📦🚔 Grappling Hook Escape, Secret Room & THE ESCAPE https://youtu.be/pg4LKOHLTqQ FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE BOX FORT!! 📦⛏Fortnite Nerf War Challenge! https://youtu.be/0HPjXGDlkbE BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT MANSION!!📦💰 24 Hour Challenge: Movie Theatre, Hot Tub, Gaming Room & More! https://youtu.be/UwrF_0pq8Vg RUNNING ON WATER CHALLENGE!! 🏃🏻💧 https://youtu.be/HV9ZqCXKUoc 24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE!! 📦🚔 https://youtu.be/jRRnn0zZF5o 24 HOUR BOX FORT BOAT SURVIVAL CHALLENGE! 📦 https://youtu.be/I8MkP8Sm7WI UNDERWATER BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! 📦💦 https://youtu.be/Dgx2ghh1GAs 24 HOUR BOX FORT BOAT MANSION CHALLENGE!! 📦💧SEADOO, GAMING ROOM, FIREPLACE & MORE! https://youtu.be/Of-l05zjLZw 24 HOUR BOX FORT BOAT ON A LAKE!! 📦💧FISHING, HUGE WAVES, REAL SHOWER & 3:00AM SCARY ISLAND 😱 https://youtu.be/lf9FwIupnW8 $1 BOX FORT Vs $10,000 BOX FORT CHALLENGE https://youtu.be/Rt0HXOassdc 👕Get Awesome Papa Jake Merchandise! 👕 https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/team-epiphany Subscribe To My Gaming Channel - Papa Jake Games! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a01luoUVJ5c Subscribe To My Toy Channel - Papa Jake Toys https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmeNL9Nc2H1Mezu3gcb1hlA FOLLOW ME!!! LET'S BE FRIENDS: 🐦 Twitter - https://goo.gl/s1laJW 📘 Facebook - https://goo.gl/sCnm8B 📸 Instagram - https://goo.gl/x6H5Er 👻 Snapchat - PapaJakeTE 📦 MAIL ME STUFF :) 📦 119-660 Eglinton AVE.EAST SUITE 201 TORONTO, ON. M4G 2K2 Canada
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  • Fergus Callaghan
    Fergus Callaghan 8 saat önce

    your pretending pubg!!

  • Luketanker I'm Back
    Luketanker I'm Back 11 saat önce

    He Used the doctor who 11th's doctors screwdriver lol

  • RocketCat 13
    RocketCat 13 12 saat önce

    Why in the world would a security guard have an ipad in a prison.

  • Rasha Almbaidin
    Rasha Almbaidin 14 saat önce

    You put monster in the pond

  • Gaming Love44
    Gaming Love44 20 saat önce

    Guys i love ur vids u r my best youtuber ever and u appriciate the subscribers bc all the work u pit in to make the box forts!!I love u and Logan keep up the good work

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  • Black Ultra
    Black Ultra 1 gün önce

    No Mao

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  • toxic hero
    toxic hero 1 gün önce

    Box fort ship battle

  • Leo Gaming and More
    Leo Gaming and More 1 gün önce

    Honestly people should stop saying this is for kids because I think this is for kids that can handle violence

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  • nevaeh reacts
    nevaeh reacts 1 gün önce

    Code is 00 69 47 18

  • ronal galdamez
    ronal galdamez 1 gün önce

    This is fake you know are?
    But still it's fun to watch

  • Trayton Dupriest
    Trayton Dupriest 1 gün önce

    that is a remote control cockroach

  • Sakari tienhaara
    Sakari tienhaara 1 gün önce

    What if there would be a episode where papa jake fails.

  • sdcs gaming
    sdcs gaming 1 gün önce

    Wow what an magic I try it it did not work are you kidding me

  • Glen Austin
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  • No One
    No One 2 gün önce

    If Papajake Commited Crime Than I bet Papajake would Escape The prison no probs..

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  • Eline9051
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    Hey remember the spiderman video use your powers lol

  • Alejandro Garcia
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    hello papa JAKE

  • sherry Gao
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    That’s just a doctor who sonic from the 11th doctor

  • Apolk 107
    Apolk 107 2 gün önce

    Isnt that the map of PUBG in the beginning of the. Video

  • Alfred Ryderfelt
    Alfred Ryderfelt 2 gün önce

    Btw, good vid. I like these prison escape videos!!!!!!📷🍫:-)

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    dude i love your ending intro

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    A sonic screwdriver heh

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    I can't find the episode before this can someone comment the link pls

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    Mr.Kitty Namjoon 2 gün önce

    Omg there's so many haters 😒

  • Oxana Zornow
    Oxana Zornow 2 gün önce

    G9817 is the code

  • CradManThePuppyLover
    CradManThePuppyLover 2 gün önce

    Are You Roleplaying Or Clickbaiting?

  • Boysie Ramento Jr.
    Boysie Ramento Jr. 2 gün önce

    Your so cool

  • Lucas Po
    Lucas Po 3 gün önce

    Nice job on the video

  • WR Gamer
    WR Gamer 3 gün önce

    Easiest way to escape

    Rip the ductape and break the cardboard

  • Golden tiger Jk
    Golden tiger Jk 3 gün önce

    Moral:if you are stuck in a box prison.......just rip it!

  • Sierra Wells
    Sierra Wells 3 gün önce

    I love year vs

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    Sinh Bội 3 gün önce

    Is it real or roleplay???

  • Nathandhh Westendorf
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    Love you videos